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Focus and Scope

Multiphysics analysis has been developed over the recent past to better represent the behaviour of complex processes by the use of simultaneous modelling of a number of systems. This development is driven by the industrial need to further the understanding of real physical phenomena in order to develop and design safer and more efficient products which are environmentally friendly.
Such analyses and investigations were impossible to perform a number of years ago due to a lack of powerful computing systems. However, the advances in computer hardware have led to more sophisticated investigations brought about by increased computation speeds. Since this has been accompanied by new software packages which exploit the improved architecture of new generation microprocessors, there have been dramatic improvements in coupling of many mathematical simulation techniques. Many research establishments are comparing the results of such studies with experimental tests to improve modelling accuracy and validate the processes for future certification.
There is now a number of large science and engineering communities whose research is being customised towards multiphysics analytical and simulation methods in order to save costs and reduce time to market with the use of rapid prototyping. Although these communities have been publishing their research outcomes in various journals dedicated to their unique scientific disciplines, the publishing of many studies which combine the knowledge from various scientific approaches have been confined to proceedings associated with various international forums. It is with this in mind, The International Journal of Multiphysics, has been created to address this gap in order to provide a more focussed publication.
The scope of the journal is to address the latest advances in theoretical developments, numerical modelling and industrial applications which will promote the concept of simultaneous engineering. Typical combinations would involve a selection from subject disciplines such as Acoustics, Electrics, Explosives, Fire, Fluids, Magnetic, Soil, Structures, and Thermodynamics.
This journal aims to publish high quality findings of basic research and development as well as engineering applications.
The editorial board members of the journal are highly respected and internationally recognised in various fields of Multiphysics and they represent both academia and industry.


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Original articles are first reviewed by an Editorial Advisory Group who recommend acceptance, rejection or referral for review. Manuscripts from review may be accepted, returned to author for revision or rejected. The Editor has the final decision on a submitted manuscript.


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