Characterization of Particle Motion and Deposition Behaviour in Electro-Static Fields

G Boiger


As a prerequisite for studying and ultimately improving the powder coating process, particle motion and deposition effects within flow- and electro-static fields need to be thoroughly understood and thus characterized. In this context, a range of dimensionless groups is proposed and new means of characterization are presented. Considering the impact of electro-static, fluid-dynamic and gravity forces on coating particle motion, a triangle chart notation to characterize the state of varying particle size classes, is introduced. Furthermore a derivation of the dimensionless particle momentum equation is shown to lead to a dimensionless chart, representing all possible process states of coating. In combination with a Eulerian-LaGrangian, numerical model, the new means of characterization have led to a far better, over all perspective of occurring phenomena and their causes. Some examples are demonstrated here.

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