Study on the performance of lead rubber bearing considering vertical force correlation


  • Z Cheng
  • Z Hu
  • L Li



To study the vertical force correlation of the lead rubber bearing, the pseudo static test of the bearing has been carried out, and the test shows that when the vertical force is small, the pre-yield stiffness and the yield shearing force of the bearing are increased with the increase of vertical force, while the post-yield stiffness is decreased with the increase of vertical force. When the vertical force is increased to a certain extent, the bearing parameters may be stable. The bearing parameter has been identified by the least square method, and then, the quantitative relation between the bearing parameter and the vertical force could be obtained. The calculation model and the motion equation of the isolation structure under the multi-dimensional earthquake excitation have been established, and the parameter iteration of bearing obtained from the test has been used for solving the motion equation, from which the seismic response of an isolation structure has been made available when the vertical force of the bearing is considered. The calculation of engineering examples shows that the displacement of the isolation layer will increase after the consideration of the vertical force correlation of the bearing, and the displacement of the upper structure will have a larger overall shifting.


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