Research on Flow-induced Vibration Characteristics of Conveying Pipes Under Bidirectional Tidal Flow


  • W Chunsheng
  • L Zejun
  • Z Yan
  • S Qiji



Pipeline-induced vibration phenomena caused by waves and currents during the transportation of oil and natural gas pipelines.Multiphysics coupling calculation considering the influence of fluid flow characteristics in ocean tidal flow environment and mechanical properties of pipeline solid structure on vibration characteristics of S-type pipeline. The analysis of the velocity of the fluid domain and the distribution of the stress distribution of the pipeline, combined with the time history and amplitude of the monitoring point and axis of the pipeline, analyzes the flow-induced vibration response characteristics of the S-transport pipeline. The results show that under the cyclic flow of the two-way tidal basin, the velocity field on the deformation side of the pipeline is lower, the stress at the solid support end is higher than that in the riser region, and the time-displacement of the pipeline fluctuates periodically, and the displacement of the pipeline axis increases sharply in the riser pipe section. It exhibits a normal distribution with extreme values at the center of the pipe segment. The maximum single-pass amplitude in the Verticality basin is twice that of the Parallel basin and the maximum amplitude is about 1D.


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Chunsheng, W., Zejun, L., Yan, Z. and Qiji, S. (2020) “Research on Flow-induced Vibration Characteristics of Conveying Pipes Under Bidirectional Tidal Flow”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 14(3), pp. 237-247. doi: 10.21152/1750-9548.14.3.237.