A Numerical Investigation on a Hybrid-Parameterless Radial Basis Function Applied with a Meshless Method


  • T Moonsan
  • S Kaennakham
  • N Chuathong




A Hybrid RBF has recently been proposed and tested with some scattered data interpolation problems and the results have appeared promising whereas the appearance of the shape parameter remains a difficulty when deploying. This work, therefore, focuses on three objectives; firstly, it is aimed to extend the use of the newly proposed-RBF to application of RBF-collocation method. Secondly, realizing the burden attributed to the lack of information on choosing an optimum shape parameter, the hybrid RBF is then modified where the shape parameter is no longer included. Thirdly, it is to investigate its application/implementation towards solving PDEs particularly those in both linear and non-linear form. It has been found in this work that the new RBF of this HyBrid form with no parameter can well be a good candidate and truly deserves further study with more complex problems.


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Moonsan, T., Kaennakham, S. and Chuathong, N. (2020) “A Numerical Investigation on a Hybrid-Parameterless Radial Basis Function Applied with a Meshless Method”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 14(4), pp. 315-330. doi: 10.21152/1750-9548.14.4.315.