Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete with Different Steel Fiber Content


  • R Z Zhou
  • Y Jin



To discuss the mechanical properties of concrete with different steel fiber content. Two grades of concrete were prepared, and the effects of different content and length of steel fiber on slump, pore structure, compressive strength, splitting strength, flexural toughness and impact resistance of concrete were studied. the fluidity of steel fiber reinforced concrete decreases with the increase of steel fiber content, and the concrete with long steel fiber decreases more than that with short steel fiber With the increase of steel fiber content, the compressive strength, splitting strength, bending toughness and impact resistance of steel fiber reinforced concrete are improved to varying degrees. The splitting tensile strength increases fastest when the volume content of steel fiber is 1.0%~1.5%, and the flexural strength increases fastest when the volume content of steel fiber is 1.0%~2.5%. When the fiber is stressed, it gives full play to its strong tensile capacity and shares the tensile force for concrete materials. According to the comprehensive economy, the optimum steel fiber content is 2% ~ 3%, which provides the basis for subsequent experimental research and construction production.


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