Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Birdstrike Analysis on Aircraft Wing Leading Edge


  • I Talhah
  • P Hampson



Aircraft wing leading edges subjected to simulated birdstrike impact was investigated using the finite element ANSYS Autodyn solver. The bird was modelled using a Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method. Two validation studies were conducted prior to the main investigation. The first simulated impact on aluminium panels of varying thicknesses and impact velocities with results compared to Cessna Aircraft Company test data and a study conducted using LS-Dyna. The second validation study was performed on a steel plate at various impact velocities with results compared to U.S. Naval Research Laboratory data and a LS-Dyna solution. Following the validation studies, bird impact was simulated on aluminium and carbon fibre composite wing skin leading edges. Various skin thicknesses were investigated at an impact velocity of 155m/s (300 knots). Leading edge displacement and stress results showed that the carbon fibre composite material had a greater resistance than the aluminium to withstanding the high-speed impact.


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