Study the damping and vibrational properties of polycarbonate reinforced ZrO2


  • M Afzali
  • Y Rostamiyan



In this paper, the effect of nano zirconia particles on damping characteristics of polycarbonate composites was investigated experimentally. The nano particles were added to polycarbonate matrix with five different weight percentage (wt %). Polycarbonate Nanocomposites filled with pristine and modified ‎Zirconium dioxide were prepared by simple melt compounding. All samples ‎were prepared by an injection molding process. The samples were studied before and after damage. Damage process was done with high velocity impact. The half-power bandwidth method was used to experimentally estimate the damping ratio. The experiments were designed based on an impulse actuator signal generated by the ‎shaker, and the responses were recorded using accelerometer sensors. The results of experiments showed that the damping properties of the composite were increased by adding nanoparticles to 3 wt% and decreased gently for samples with the upper content of nanoparticles. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) pictures were used to investigate the distribution of nano zirconia on the polycarbonate matrix and showed a homogeneous mixture of nanocomposites and strong bonding between zirconia and polycarbonate that increased damping properties and decreased vibration. Finally, the experimental modal analysis test was done after high-velocity impact damage process to investigate the effect of defection on the nano polycarbonate composites. The results showed a great decline in vibration and an increase of damping properties.


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