On the destruction of the cell wall of plants and its mechanism by the shock wave


  • T Ayumi
  • K Ken
  • I Hirofumi
  • I Shigeru




The shock wave transmitted at the speed that exceeds speed of sound generates the expansion wave by the density difference. The expansion wave causes negative pressure on the density difference side. And it causes the high-speed destruction phenomenon that is called “the spalling destruction”. This phenomenon is caused also on the surface of the cell wall of the plant. The cell of the plant has the cell wall to maintain the shape. This is a big difference between the animal cell and the plant cell. That is, the plant has all big density differences in the cell structure. Therefore, the spalling destruction on the surface of the cell wall can spread to the entire cell tissue of the plant by the shock wave. It is possible to apply it to the extraction of the cytoplasm etc. by the cell wall destruction by using this phenomenon. The mechanism to which walls of the plant cells are destroyed by the shock wave is described in the experiment and the comparison with the scanning electron microscope photograph in this research.


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Ayumi, T., Ken, K., Hirofumi, I. and Shigeru, I. (2008) “On the destruction of the cell wall of plants and its mechanism by the shock wave”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 2(2), pp. 165-170. doi: 10.1260/175095408785416974.