Assessment of emergency safety showers against proposed EU and ANSI standards


  • M Burby
  • G Nasr
  • A Yule
  • T Hughes



This investigation was carried out with the cooperation of a major international safety shower manufacturer, Hughes Safety Showers Ltd. The first part of this study was to characterise various commercial safety shower heads with regard to their spray patternation, droplet sizes, droplet velocities and impact forces. The spray patternation of a number of shower head designs were compared against the proposed EU and American National Standard institute (ANSI) standard for plumbed in body showers. The results of this work showed that a large proportion of the shower head deigns failed to meet the proposed EU standard. The second part to this study was to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the emergency safety shower head designs via a series of decontamination ‘wash-off’ tests on a mannequin, with a number of simulated hazardous substances applied to its surface.


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Burby, M., Nasr, G., Yule, A. and Hughes, T. (2008) “Assessment of emergency safety showers against proposed EU and ANSI standards”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 2(3), pp. 327-344. doi: 10.1260/175095408786927426.