Evaluation of the contact switch materials in high voltage power supply for generate of underwater shockwave by electrical discharge

K Higa, T Matsui, S Hanashiro, O Higa, S Itoh


We have developed the high voltage power-supply unit by Cockcroft-Walton circuit for ingenerate high pressure due to underwater shockwave by electrical discharge. This high voltage power supply has the problem of the metal contact switch operation that contact switch stop by melting and bonding due to electrical spark. We have studied the evaluation of materials of contact switch for the reducing electrical energy loss and the problem of contact switch operation. In this research, measurement of discharge voltage and high pressure due to underwater shockwave was carried out using the contact switch made of different materials as brass plate, brass-carbon plate-brass and carbon block. The contact switch made of carbon is effective to reduce energy loss and problem of contactor switch operation.

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T. Matsui, K. Higa, R. Matsubara, S. Hanashiro, O. Higa and S. Itoh, Measurement of discharged energy and pressure of underwater shockwave changing materials of contact switch in high voltage power supply, Materials Science Forum. 2014, Vol. 767, pp. 250-255. CrossRef

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1260/1750-9548.8.4.359

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