Constitutive equation with internal damping for materials under cyclic and dynamic loadings using a fully coupled thermal-structural finite element analysis


  • L Ecsi
  • P Elesztos



In this paper a universal constitutive equation with internal damping for materials under cyclic and dynamic loading is presented using fully coupled thermal-structural finite element analysis. The equation adapts the idea of a spring dashpot system connected in parallel for continuum utilizing appropriate deformation measures, which are independent of rigid body motion, thus enabling more precise numerical simulation of real material. In this work, mathematical formulation of the problem is presented and demonstrated in numerical examples using a solid bar in cyclic tension and a cross-shaped specimen in biaxial tension. Elastic and plastic loading cases with and without heat generation rate per unit volume were studied, where the heat generation rate was defined as 80% of the dissipated energy per unit time. Although the calculation results are in good agreement with the only experiment we could find in technical literature, more detailed tests are needed to draw final conclusions.


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Ecsi, L. and Elesztos, P. (2009) “Constitutive equation with internal damping for materials under cyclic and dynamic loadings using a fully coupled thermal-structural finite element analysis”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 3(2), pp. 155-166. doi: 10.1260/175095409788837829.