Applying CFD in Manufacturing of Polymer Composite Reinforced with Shape Memory Alloy via Resin Transfer Molding Process

S Silva, C Araújo, T Andrade, A de Lima, V Oliveira


This paper aims to study the manufacturing process of polymer composite reinforced with shape memory metal alloys by RTM process using ANSYS CFX® software. The mathematical modeling consists of mass and momentum conservation equations applied to a metal mold with dimensions 0.3 × 0.3 × 0.002 m³ containing ten NiTi alloy wires 0.0005 m diameter. Results of the flow front position of the resin (polyester resin mixed with calcium carbonate particles), pressure, streamlines and resin velocity fields during the process are presented and discussed. We conclude that the addition of calcium carbonate resulted in increased resin viscosity and greater inlet pressure obtained at the entrance of the mold which resulted in short time to full fill the mold and the highest pressures at the NiTi alloy wire surface were obtained in the central region and near the mold entrance.

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