Simulation of Viscoplastic Flows in a rotating Vessel Using a Regularized Model

A Benmoussa, L Rahmani, B Draoui


Viscoplastic fluid characterized by the existence of a residual value for the shear stress, beyond which the material behaves, modeled first by Bingham [1]. This dramatically changes the typical property bustle of performance, quality mixture and the energy consumed by the creation of rigid zones in the mixing device. Thus, regularization methods have been proposed as“augmented Lagrangian method” developed by Fortin and Glowinski [2] and the Papanastasiou [3] model. This regularization has been used in numerous recent papers; another type of regularization suggested by Bercovier and Engelman[4]), that has not seen many applications. For this purpose and in this paper, the characterization of hydrodynamic fields of incompressible yield stress fluid with regularization model of Bercovier - Engelman in a rotating vessel equipped with gate using Fluent CFD code 6.3.

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