Numerical Analysis of thermal behavior in agitated vessel with Non-Newtonian fluid

A Benmoussa, L Rahmani


For some ten years, several analytical problems have not been solved by the Navier-Stokes equation; hence numerical methods also known by 'Computational Fluid Dynamic' (CFD) have been developed. In the present paper, we have described in depth numerical study of the basic fluid mechanics problem and heat transfer of yield stress fluid flow with regularization model of Bercovier and Engelman [1] in a cylindrical vessel not chicaned equipped with an anchor stirrer by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based on the finite volumes method discretization of Navier - Stokes equations formulated in variables (U.V.P). We have studied the effect of inertia and the plasticity influence; we have analyzed also the influence of rheological parameters on the hydrodynamic flow behavior, such as the velocity components and the power consumption.

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