Flow structure in the downstream of a square cylinder with different angles of incidence


  • N Jamshidi
  • M Farhadi
  • K Sedighi




This paper presents comparisons between flow fields for turbulent flow over square cylinder with two different angles of incidence in free stream at Reynolds number of Re = 3400. The present numerical results were obtained using a two-dimensional finite-volume code which solves governing equations. The pressure field was obtained with well known SIMPLE algorithm. The central difference scheme was employed for the discretization of convection and diffusion terms. The ν2 f and standard k - ε model were used for simulation of turbulent flow. Time averaged velocity, root mean square velocities and streamlines in the downstream of square cylinders are presented. A number of quantities such as Strouhal number, drag coefficient and the length of the wake are calculated for the case of angle of incidence α = 0°, 45° with two turbulent models. Strouhal number and the length of the wake are larger for the case of α = 45° because of the sharp corners in it which results in more diffusion of turbulence in the downstream of the cylinder. On the other hand, with comparison of results obtained by ν2 f and standard k - ε models with experiment, it is obvious that ν2 f leads to much more accurate results.


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Jamshidi, N., Farhadi, M. and Sedighi, K. (2010) “Flow structure in the downstream of a square cylinder with different angles of incidence”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 4(1), pp. 11-20. doi: 10.1260/1750-9548.4.1.11.