Material Optimization of Carbon/Epoxy Composite Rotor for Spacecraft Energy Storage


  • R Varatharajoo
  • M Salit
  • G Hong



An investigation to optimize the carbon/epoxy composite rotor is performed for the spacecraft energy storage application. A highspeed multi-layer rotor design is proposed and different composite materials are tested to achieve the most suitable recipe. First, the analytical rotor evaluation is performed to establish a reliable numerical rotor model. Then, finite element analysis (FEA) is employed in order to optimise the multi-layer composite rotor design. Subsequently, the modal analysis is carried out to determine the rotor natural frequencies and mode shapes for a safe operational regime below 50, 000 rpm


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Varatharajoo, R., Salit, M. and Hong, G. (2010) “Material Optimization of Carbon/Epoxy Composite Rotor for Spacecraft Energy Storage”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 4(2), pp. 95-101. doi: 10.1260/1750-9548.4.2.95.