Determination of the macroscopic chloride diffusivity in cementitious by porous materials coupling periodic homogenization of Nernst-Planck equation with experimental protocol

Olivier Millet, Abdelkarim Ait-Mokhtar, Ouali Amiri


In this paper, we propose a macroscopic migration model for cementitious porous media obtained from periodic homogenization technique. The dimensional analysis of Nernst-Planck equation leads to dimensionless numbers characterizing the problem. According to the order of magnitude of the dimensionless numbers, the homogenization of Nernst-Planck equation leads at the leading order to a macroscopic model where several rates can be coupled or not. For a large applied electrical field accelerating the transfer of ionic species, we obtain a macroscopic model only involving migration. A simple experimental procedure of measurement of the homogenized chlorides diffusivity is then proposed for cement-based materials. 

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