The over-barrier resonant states and multi-channel scattering by a quantum well

Alexander F. Polupanov, Vjacheslav I. Galiev, Alexis N. Kruglov


We demonstrate an explicit numerical method for accurate calculation ofthe analytic continuation of the scattering matrix, describing the multichannelscattering by a quantum well, to the unphysical region of complexvalues of the energy. Results of calculations show that one or severalpoles of the S-matrix exist, corresponding to the over-barrier resonantstates that are critical for the effect of the absolute reflection at scatteringof the heavy hole by a quantum well in the energy range where only theheavy hole may propagate over barriers in a quantum-well structure.Light- and heavy-hole states are described by the Luttinger Hamiltonianmatrix. The qualitative behaviour of the over-barrier scattering andresonant states is the same at variation of the shape of the quantum-wellpotential, however lifetimes of resonant states depend drastically on theshape and depth of a quantum well.

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