Collision Behavior in various Magnetic Pressure Seam Welding of Aluminum Sheets

A Hatta, M Miyazaki, K Kajiro


 Magnetic pressure seam welding attracts attention as a new welding method. Magnetic pressure seam welding is a collision welding process, similar to explosive welding, utilizing electromagnetic force as the acceleration mechanism.
This paper deals with dynamic deformation behavior on magnetic pressure seam welding and parallel seam welding of aluminum sheets. Numerical analysis of the dynamic deformation process of the aluminum sheets is made by a finite element method.
In this analysis, the aluminum sheets is assumed to be a thin plate made of aluminum (A1050-H24, width 100mm, thickness 1mm) and composed of quadrilateral elements of plane strain.
As a result, it was found that the maximum value of the collision velocity was proportional to the discharge energy. It was also found that the smaller the gap, the faster the collision point moving speed. And the analysis from the initial collision point to the outside was similar to that of the single coil.

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