Coupled Gas Flow, Diffusion and Reaction in a ppb-level SnO2-NiO Formaldehyde Sensor System


  • K Darcovich
  • J Tunney
  • J Dunford
  • L Styles
  • G Xiao
  • A Constant



The present project is part of an effort towards the development of a ppb-level formaldehyde sensor system for indoor air quality. An electroceramic response model for a SnO2-NiO composite solid oxide sensing material of n-type conductivity inside the porous material is coupled with a transient flow field simulation of the delivery of a formaldehyde pulse to the sensor surface. Coupled volumetric CFD domains are used to examine the effects of the transport of formaldehyde from a preconcentrator unit to the sensor, and its implications for interpreting the sensor signals from laboratory experiments.


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Darcovich, K., Tunney, J., Dunford, J., Styles, L., Xiao, G. and Constant, A. (2011) “Coupled Gas Flow, Diffusion and Reaction in a ppb-level SnO2-NiO Formaldehyde Sensor System”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 5(2), pp. 101-114. doi: 10.1260/1750-9548.5.2.101.




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