Hydromagnetic thermosolutal instability of compressible walters' (model B') rotating fluid permeated with suspended particles in porous medium


  • G Rana
  • V Sharma




The thermosolutal instability of compressible Walters' (model B') elastico-viscous rotating fluid permeated with suspended particles (fine dust) in the presence of vertical magnetic field in porous medium is considered. By applying normal mode analysis method, the dispersion relation has been derived and solved analytically. It is observed that the rotation, magnetic field, suspended particles and viscoelasticity introduce oscillatory modes. For stationary convection the Walters' (model B') fluid behaves like an ordinary Newtonian fluid and it is observed that the rotation and stable solute gradient has stabilizing effects and suspended particles are found to have destabilizing effect on the system, whereas the medium permeability has stabilizing or destabilizing effect on the system under certain conditions. The magnetic field has destabilizing effect in the absence of rotation, whereas in the presence of rotation, magnetic field has stabilizing or destabilizing effect under certain conditions.


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