Parametric and numerical study of the thermal comportement inside an electrical transformation station located in the south-west of Algeria (city of Bechar)

A Hammadou, A Missoum, M Elmir


Due to the significant increase in temperature in summer in the Saharan zone in this case the town of Bechar, electric power medium voltage to low voltage substations (MV / LV) installed by companies distribution of electricity and gas (SONELGAZ) undergo additional constraints compared to those installed in the north, due to overheating which reduces the life of the plant and cause adverse judgments to clients.

In this context, the work presented a numerical study the type post of public distribution, has content a transformer and taking into account the measures taken by the outdoor temperature weather station lab ENERGARID. The objective of this study is to analyze the results of the distribution of temperature, aeration and stream line to the inside of the post.

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