Effects of improving current characteristics of spark discharge on underwater shock waves


  • O Higa
  • K Higa
  • H Maehara
  • S Tanaka
  • K Shimojima
  • A Takemoto
  • K Hokamoto
  • S Itoh




We have been developing a food-processing device that uses underwater shock waves generated by spark discharges at an underwater spark gap. Underwater shock waves can be used in food processing for softening, fracturing and sterilization. These technologies are attracting attention because the food is not heated during processing, so it does not change flavour. In this study, we develop a rice-powder manufacturing system using the fracturing effect provided by underwater shock waves. Because rice grains are very hard, the process must be applied repeatedly using a momentary high pressure to fracture the grains. The fast repeated generation of shock waves should provide high pressures from low energies. Therefore, we aim to achieve higher pressures from low energies expended by the underwater gap discharge. We increase the pulse compression rate by decreasing the circuit impedance of the device and increasing the charging voltage. Using optical observations and a pressure sensor, we measure the high pressure developed by the underwater shock wave and the rise time of the discharge current. We find that we can decrease the rise time of the discharge current by 17% while maintaining the peak current, and simultaneously increase the high pressure of the underwater shock wave by 135%.


K. Simojima, Y. Miyafuji, K. Naha, O. Higa, R. Matsubara, K. Higa, Y. Higa, T. Matsui, A. Takemoto, S. Tanaka, H. Maehara, S. Itoh:, "Development of the rice-powder manufacturing system using underwater shock wave", The International Journal of Multiphysics, Vol.6 No.4 pp.355-364 (2012). https://doi.org/10.1260/1750-9548.6.4.355

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How to Cite

Higa, O., Higa, K., Maehara, H., Tanaka, S., Shimojima, K., Takemoto, A., Hokamoto, K. and Itoh, S. (2014) “Effects of improving current characteristics of spark discharge on underwater shock waves”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 8(2), pp. 245-252. doi: 10.1260/1750-9548.8.2.245.




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