Multiphysics Simulation of Infrared Signature of an Ice Cube

H Khawaja, T Rashid, O Eiksund, E Brodal, K Edvardsen


This paper presents numerical methodologies to simulate the Infrared (IR) signature of an ice cube. The ice was frozen in a cold environment (-28oC) and allowed to have uniform temperature throughout. It was then taken out and let to warm at room temperature conditions by means of natural convection. A 3D transient heat equation is solved using three different methodologies. In the first attempt, the finite difference method is used to discretize the heat equation and solved using an FTCS (Forward-Time Central-Space) method in MATLAB® software. Then the same problem is modelled using the spectral method where the domain is discretized non-linearly for the appropriate solution. In the third attempt, the problem is modelled in ANSYS® Multiphysics software. The results obtained through all methodologies are found in close agreement. Also, the results reflect on the relation between IR imaging devices and the underlying physics of heat transfer. 

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