Study on shock loading pre-processing for freeze-drying

T Watanabe, Y Yamashita, D Sawamura, S Itoh


In the food industry, it is hoping high value-aided product and the increasein efficiency of food processing. On the other hand, we get an experimentalresult that the load of the shock wave improves an extraction of food, andsoften food. We tried to examine the effectivity of the shock wave aspre-processing for freeze-drying from the result in permeation characterseen in the radish and so on. In the case of freeze-drying, the object tendsto be limited to the small or thin one with size, from the sublimability inprocessing, the performance in case of the restoration and the viewpointof the cost performance ratio. We report the result that shock wave loadingwas done to various foods as pre-processing of freeze-drying.

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