Uncertainty analysis for dynamic properties of MEMS resonator supported by fuzzy arithmetics

A Martowicz, I Stanciu, T Uhl


In the paper the application of uncertainty analysis performed formicroelectromechanical resonator is presented. Main objective ofundertaken analysis is to assess the propagation of considered uncertaintiesin the variation of chosen dynamic characteristics of Finite Element model ofmicroresonator. Many different model parameters have been assumed tobe uncertain: geometry and material properties. Apart from total uncertaintypropagation, sensitivity analysis has been carried out to study separateinfluences of all input uncertain characteristics. Uncertainty analysis has beenperformed by means of fuzzy arithmetics in which alpha-cut strategy hasbeen applied to assemble output fuzzy number. Monte Carlo Simulation andGenetic Algorithms have been employed to calculate intervals connectedwith each alpha-cut of searched fuzzy number. Elaborated model ofmicroresonator has taken into account in a simplified way the presence ofsurrounding air and constant electrostatic field.

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