An efficient integral method for capacitance extraction of multiconductor microstrip lines


  • A Tounsi
  • K Aguili



A new integral method is developed to analyse multiconductor microstrip lines in quasi-static. The capacitance matrix of two and eight transmission lines has been successfully calculated by using our approach. The developed method is based on the generalised equivalent circuits technique and using transverse admittance operators. The obtained integral equations are solved using Galerkin’s method. This approach evaluates directly the accurate determination of capacitance matrix characterised by variational form. To improve the computation efficiency and the accuracy, the unknown charges are expanded in terms of compactly-supported wavelets. Thus highly sparse matrixes are generated and a significant reduction of computational time and memory storage are obtained. Numerical results are in good agreement with those in previous publications. 


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Tounsi, A. and Aguili, K. (2007) “An efficient integral method for capacitance extraction of multiconductor microstrip lines”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 1(3), pp. 259-270. doi: 10.1260/175095407782219210.