Optical Examination of Shockwave Propagation Induced by an Underwater Wire Explosion


  • O Higa
  • A Yasuda
  • Y Higa
  • K Shimojima
  • K Hokamoto
  • S Itoh




We have been investigating underwater-explosion-induced shockwave-propagation phenomena for use in a robust food-processing system. This system comprises a high-voltage capacitor bank with gap switch, water tank, and wire explosive. We carried-out optical observation of the shockwave generated by a wire explosion using electrical discharge in the water tank. Simultaneously, we measured the shock pressure and investigated the effects of various electrical characteristics upon the shockwave-propagation phenomena. To obtain various strengths of the underwater shockwave, 0.6-, 1.0-, and 1.4-mm-wide wires made from 1.0-mm-thick aluminum plates were used at various voltages. As an example, a shockwave having a propagation velocity of 1,600 m/s was observed using the explosion of the 1.0-mm-wide aluminum wire. We found that the strength of the shockwave could be well-controlled by the discharge voltage and wire size.


K. Simojima, Y. Miyafuji, K. Naha, O. Higa, R. Matsubara, K. Higa, Y. Higa, T. Matsui, A. Takemoto, S. Tanaka, H. Maehara, S. Itoh, Development of the rice-powder manufacturing system using underwater shock wave, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 2012, Vol.6 No.4 pp.355-364. https://doi.org/10.1260/1750-9548.6.4.355

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How to Cite

Higa, O., Yasuda, A., Higa, Y., Shimojima, K., Hokamoto, K. and Itoh, S. (2016) “Optical Examination of Shockwave Propagation Induced by an Underwater Wire Explosion”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 10(4), pp. 343-354. doi: 10.21152/1750-9548.10.4.343.




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