Optical and Solid State Properties of Manganese Sulphide (MnS) Thin Film; Theoretical Analysis


  • E Ugwu




Analysis of the optical and Solid State properties of MgS thin film using theoretical approach of beam propagation technique in which a scalar wave is propagated through the material thin film deposited on a substrate with the assumption that the dielectric medium has homogenous reference dielectric constant term, and a perturbed dielectric term, representing the deposited thin film medium is presented in this work. These two terms, constituted arbitrary complex dielectric function that describes dielectric perturbation imposed by the medium of for the system. This is substituted into a defined scalar wave equation in which the appropriate Green’s Function was defined on it and solved using series solution technique in conjunction with Born approximation method in order to obtain a model equation of wave propagating through the thin film. This was used in computing the propagated field for different input regions of field wavelength such as ultraviolet, visible and infrared region respectively during which the influence of the dielectric constants of the thin film on the propagating field were considered. The results obtained from the computed field were used in turn to compute the band gaps, solid state and optical properties of the thin film such as reflectance, Transmittance and reflectance. The electrical and optical conductance was also computed.


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