Experimental Research on water driving oil of Natural Core Series Displacement Method


  • C Wang
  • Z Sun
  • Y Sun
  • Q Sun




Jilin Oilfield in the Songliao Basin has gone through three stages of increase, stabilization, and decrease in crude oil production during the development process. In this paper, the water flooding experiment was carried out by means of rock core in series combination, to analyze and study the water flooding characteristic curve and the recovery ratio curve of the core in Jilin Oilfield. According to the experimental analysis, when the PV number changed slightly (usually 0~1), the pressure at the monitoring point and the instantaneous liquid volume increased, and the water flood front, the oil displacement efficiency, and the water cut increased significantly. When the injected PV number continued to increase (PV number>1), the pressure at the monitoring point changed slowly, the water flood front, the oil output, and the water cut increased slightly, and the oil displacement efficiency was low. According to the experimental results, we explored the characteristics of water flooding by means of rock core in series combination to improve the recovery ratio of the oilfield.


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