The numerical analysis of food processing using shock wave


  • Y Yamashita
  • A Oda
  • H Maehara
  • T Watanabe
  • M Motamedi
  • S Itoh



In recent years, the use of the shock wave has increased not only in the fields of the material development and the metal processing, but also in the field of the medical treatment, of the environment as the science and technology upgrades. We have focused on the food processing by using an underwater shock wave. This process has various advantages such as short processing time and a very few energy consuming and no nutrient reduction due to non-thermal processing. An efficient food processing equipment is needed to evaluate the phenomenon of the shock wave loading, the numerical method for food processing by underwater shock wave is quite skillful and very important. Especially in the design for the suitable pressure vessels for food processing, the phenomenon in pressure vessel are very complex and in multi-physics manners. Therefore, in numerical calculation, a lot of parameter for the numerical analysis is need for pressure vessel material and various foods. In this study, the purpose is to clarify unknown parameters of the potatoes by measuring Us-up.


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How to Cite

Yamashita, Y., Oda, A., Maehara, H., Watanabe, T., Motamedi, M. and Itoh, S. (2009) “The numerical analysis of food processing using shock wave”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 3(4), pp. 337-346. doi: 10.1260/1750-9548.3.4.337.




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