The Numerical Analysis and Experiment of Shock Processing for Bouef


  • Y Yamashita
  • A Oda
  • T Hujii
  • H Maehara
  • M Moatamedi
  • S Itoh



When the shock wave processing is applied to food, it is understood to obtain the change in various physical properties. For instance, when hard beef is processed by the underwater shock wave, the tenderization of meat can be expected. In the future, it is a goal that the shock wave processor is spread in general as a home electrical appliance. In the design for the suitable pressure vessels for food processing, the phenomenon in pressure vessel are very complex in multi-physics manners. Therefore, in numerical calculation, a lot of parameter for the numerical analysis is need for pressure vessel material and various foods.

In this study, we chose a beef as a sample of the food processing.

First, we obtained an unknown parameter of the beef by measuring the front and the shock wave speed of the sample. Then, we will show some numerical results for shock loading of beef by using LS-DYNA3D. The experiments were carried out using the high-speed image converter camera, high-speed video camera and the explosive experimental facilities.


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How to Cite

Yamashita, Y., Oda, A., Hujii, T., Maehara, H., Moatamedi, M. and Itoh, S. (2010) “The Numerical Analysis and Experiment of Shock Processing for Bouef”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 4(4), pp. 329-340. doi: 10.1260/1750-9548.4.4.329.




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